Employee Perks


At Rogers, we believe our employees are the key to our success and that it is important to recognize and celebrate their achievements. The CARE committee (Committee Advocating for Rogers Employees) began as a way to reward staff for continued success in the workplace through special events, programs, and outings.

Here are a number of events that the CARE Committee has organized (at no cost to the employees) on an annual basis:

  • Annual Employee Recognition Dinner


  • National Hospital Appreciation Week


  • Annual Employee Outing


  • Discounted tickets – Movie theatre, Wisconsin Dells, 6 Flags Great America.


  • Holiday parties


  • Employee of the Month
    • 110% Reward – Nominate the over-achievers at work and highlight the excellent examples they are setting.
  • CARE coin/voucher program – Receive a CARE coin for good deeds and shop in the Rogers catalog.